Raptor Chainsaw Protective pant High Visibility 

An innovative and exclusive design characterizes Viltom Extreme collection, with functional features due surprisingly to the use of elastic and water repellent textile materials.

High Visibility Raptor pant is specially projected to meet the demand of real professional forester and it is also great for tree climbing. It is designed for maximum comfort and safety in extreme outdoor conditions.

High Visibility Raptor pant, suitable for every season, combine resistance with lightness and wearability.

Due to our experience, we have built this pant with Cordura materials, that is extremely durable to the abrasions and resistant to absorption of oils and lubricants, and we have created a particular Kevlar protective cushion, composed by a material whose fibres are released on contact with chain of the chainsaw motor, causing immediate stop.

Furthermore we have put particular elastic fibres in the knee area that provides the necessary flexibility, allow worker's free movements.

High Visibility Raptor pant is equipped with two large pockets with Velcro closure, two upper pockets with reversed zip closure, and one back pockets with Velcro closure. Two vertical zips in the back provide a large internal ventilation.

At the end to the leg are put strong and flexibility leggings that protect worker by animals, insects and avoid dirty inside pants.

High Visibility Raptor pant is in according to the European Legislation EN 471 and has been tested and approved according to the European Standard EN 381-5 Type B Class 2, that meets the American Legislation ASTM-F1897-08.

“Recommended for extreme climbing”

All Viltom Extreme clothings have received treatment “No-Fly Zone” that makes them repellent about 40 kinds of insects, including moths, mosquitoes, ticks.

All the materials with which Raptor Pant is made are entirely produced in Italy.