About Us

The society VILTOM was born in 1968 to produce and to distribute "professional clothes" to the little and big companies of any Italian production sector.
Asserted quickly on the local market, VILTOM has kept on expanding in the national and foreign market, becoming a leader in the production of professional and protective technical clothes.

With the growth of the company there has been associated an attentive evaluation and diversification of the activities, which they have brought to a reinforcement of the financial and productive structure also acquiring other company realities and with them their specific, indispensable know-how for the expansion at international level.

This attention to the demands of market and the adoption of productive processes to the vanguard and the continuous research of new products with new functionality, they have led our group to a position of absolute relief in all the sectors in which it operates.

Today we are proud of presenting the "Viltomextreme collection", a series of professional devices of clothes for activities outdoor extreme.